Keep your residents safe with Vayyar Home.

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Vayyar Home is a fall detection and prevention solution. It will monitor, analyze, and decrease falls in your facility.

  • Vayyar Home will immediately identify if someone has fallen and alert your staff.

  • It provides ongoing reports on resident health patterns including preemptive early warnings for health deterioration.

  • It tracks your facility's response rate to adverse events and identifies ways to optimize staff.

Our flexible notification system can send alerts to a dashboard or mobile devices as well as connect to your nurse call system & EMR.

Vayyar Home will protect residents across your entire facility, monitoring...

  • Fall Detection

  • Unwanted Visitors

  • Nocturnal Roaming

  • In and Out of Bed Indicator

  • Frequent Restroom Visits

  • Wake and Sleep Times

Just turn it on and you've got a virtual staff member in every room.

  • Touch screen interface
  • 2 way voice calling
  • Expanded reach
  • Compact sizing

No Cameras

No Wearables

No Buttons

Vayyar Home is deployed in facilities around the world, in 41 countries across 6 continents.

Learn how Vayyar Home can help your senior care facility.

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