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Vayyar Home is a revolutionary fall detection and resident wellbeing monitoring solution. Touchless and camera-free, it provides 24/7 protection while ensuring privacy.

  • Vayyar Home will immediately identify if a resident has fallen and alert your staff, uncovering hidden falls and preventing long lies.

  • It collects rich data on residents’ activity which can be used to spot signs of deteriorating physical or mental health.

  • It allows you to reduce the need for routine room visits to optimize staff utilization.

Vayyar Home will protect residents across your entire facility, monitoring...

Provides immediate alerts for:

  • Fall Detection

  • In and Out of Bed Indicator

Rich data supports monitoring of:

  • Room Status

  • Night-time Wandering

  • Frequent Restroom Visits

  • Time Spent Resting

A virtual caregiver in the room 24/7.

  • Touch screen interface
  • 2-way voice calling
  • Wall installation
  • Compact form factor
  • Higher resolution and performance
  • Wall or ceiling installation

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