Meet a Touchless PERS solution your customers will love.

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If you fall, Vayyar Home will automatically detect it and get help.

No Cameras

No Wearables

No Buttons

It protects you in ways no other PERS device can.

Easier to Use

Works automatically and avoids burdening seniors with wearables.

Provides Superior Protection

Monitors any room, including the bathroom and shower where 80% of falls happen.

Gets Help Even if You Faint

No buttons to push. If a person falls and is unconscious it will detect the fall and get help.

Simply place it on the wall, and it will monitor for falls and alert for problems.

Vayyar Home comes in a range of form factors and options.

It can be used as a standalone system or as the perfect complement to existing PERS solutions.

Vayyar Home monitoring units

Caregiver fall alert notification app

Vayyar Home monitoring units

Paired with a base station

Vayyar Home monitoring units

Paired with a mobile PERS device

*Vayyar Home monitoring units integrate with all main base unit systems.

Start Expanding your PERS Business Today

New Revenue Streams

Upsell existing customers, reach new customers who don't like to wear wearables or pair it with existing PERS.

Sell to Senior Facilities

Vayyar Home can be sold to senior homes, providing dealers with entry to a new, profitable market.

Simple Setup

Just plug it in, no manual setup or calibration required.

Monitoring Centers

Easy integration with most monitoring centers. Includes remote monitoring.

Sales Materials Available

Customizable marketing materials and collateral.

Industry-Leading Detection Rates

Conducted 2,000+ tests across 17 fall scenarios and achieved industry-leading results.

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