Meet a Touchless PERS solution your customers will love.

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If there’s a fall, Vayyar Home will automatically detect it and summon help.

No Cameras

No Wearables

No Buttons

It provides a whole new level of protection.


Operates continuously – no need for wearables.

Complete Coverage

Works in all lighting conditions and even in steam.

Instant Alerts

Detects falls automatically and summons help.

Simple wall or ceiling mounting for round-the-clock fall detection.

Wide range of integration options

Vayyar Home can be used as a standalone system or as the perfect complement to an existing PERS device hub or NCS offering.

Vayyar Home monitoring units

Caregiver fall alert notification app

Vayyar Home monitoring units

Paired with a base station*

*Vayyar Home can be integrated to PERs devices / hubs

Scale Your Business with Vayyar Home

Create New Revenue Streams

Upsell existing customers, reach new customers who don't like wearables or integrate Vayyar Home with existing PERS devices.

Sell to Senior Care Operators

Vayyar Home is ideal for use in senior living communities, enabling PERS dealers and resellers to enter a highly profitable market.

Simple Setup

Easy to install and supports automatic over-the-air updates.

Monitoring Centers

Straightforward integration with remote monitoring center systems.

Sales Materials Available

Customizable marketing materials and collateral.

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